2021 League Fees & Fines


2021 Team Registration Fee - $225.00

The registration fee includes a $25 non-refundable application processing fee, plus a $200 team participation fee, which will be refunded in full if the team is not accepted into the league.  The registration process is not complete until the registration fees are paid.

Referee Game Fees (Per match, 3 officials, 8 game schedule)

Age Group

Referee/Assistant Referee

Responsibility per match for each team


$86/ $43



$76/ $38



$62/ $31



$52/ $26


Teams will pay the referee game fees to the league during the registration process, which will be refunded in full if the team is not accepted into the league. The league administrator will pay the individual referees when each match is complete.  Teams do not bring cash to the field and pay the referee.

Cancellation Fee – paid by the team responsible for cancellation

Age Group

1-24 Hours

24-72 Hours

72 Hours – 14 days

17U/ 19U

$225.00 (See Note)



15U/ 16U

$200.00 (See Note)



13U/ 14U

$175.00 (See Note)




$160.00 (See Note)



All game cancellations that fall within a period of time less than 14 days prior to the scheduled game will carry a cancellation fee.

Note:  No request to cancel a scheduled game will be honored by the league within a timeframe of less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled game start time, unless the requesting team’s club president requests the change to the league president and the league president agrees to allow the change.  If this permission is not obtained, and a team does not show for the game, the game shall be deemed a forfeit.

Rescheduling a game after a cancellation is subject to the availability of referees, and must occur within 10 days of the cancellation or a the team that has cancelled the game will forfeit the game and be subject to a forfeit fine.  In this case the forfeit fine takes that place of the cancellation fee, and no cancellation fee is levied.



Forfeit                                                                                             $250.00                                            

Charged to team unable to prove to the assigned referee that they are fielding a legal team or who do not show up at the scheduled game site within 15 minutes of game time.

Refusal to Reschedule a Make-up Game                             $75.00

Charged to a team or teams refusing or unwilling to make up or reschedule the game.

Failure to Make a Timely Game Report                                $10.00

Charged if the home team does  not make a game report by 9:00PM, Monday following the game date.

Send Off (Player)                                                                         $50.00

Charged to any team that has a player shown a red card.  This fine is per person and per occurrence.

Yellow Card Accumulation                                                       $50.00

Charged to any team that has had a player accumulate 4 yellow cards during league play. This fine is per person and per occurrence.

Coach, Assistant, Manager or Spectator Ejection              $50.00

Charged to any team that has a spectator or affiliated coach, assistant, or manager asked to leave a game site.  This fine is per person and per occurrence.

Physical Assault                                                                           $250.00

Charged to any team that has an affiliated coach, assistant, manager, or spectator with assault.  USSF mandates minimum suspensions to be enforced nationally for assault.  These can be up to 5 years or longer!  Please take all appropriate actions to prevent this from happening.

Failure to produce an official roster                       $30.00

Charged to any team which shows up at a game with player passes only but no official roster.

Improper Maintenance or Marking of Field                        $50.00 [per game]

Charged to any home team if a referee reports that a field is not appropriately marked or equipped, this fine may be charged even if the game is played.  The referee also has the option of refusing to allow the game to be played which will result in a forfeit for the home team.

Early Withdrawal/Expulsion                                                     $200.00 + forfeit registration fee

Charged to any team which withdraws or is expelled from the league after the division placement has been determined.

Withdrawal after the season is underway                           Remaining forfeit fees (see below)

All associated forfeit, game fines, and cancellation fees for the reminder of that team’s league schedule.  Charged to any team which withdraws after the season is underway and has played one or more games of their schedule and then decides to withdraw from the league